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Operating in Honduras

Honduras and the United States of America share a reciprocal agreement as far as ham operations are concerned (there are numerous other countries that share these agreements with Honduras as well although US hams can find more information at the ARRL Web site or contact your national regulatory agency). What this means is that if you are licensed as a ham operator by the FCC or any other national regulatory agency you can operate with your license privileges using an appendix at the end of your call sign in relation to the HR region that you are going to operate from (i.e. W1AW/HR2 for the San Pedro Sula region of Honduras) but if you want to obtain your HR or HQ ham radio license read and follow the steps below.


PLEASE READ THIS: Amateur Radio licenses in Honduras are extended by the national regulatory agency known as CONATEL which stands for Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones or National Telecommunications Commission, they are the equivalent of the FCC in Honduras and are part of the Honduran government, therefore it might take some time before you are able to obtain a ham radio license with an HR or HQ call sign. For instance it can take a Honduran ham radio operator anywhere from 3 to 6 months before he or she gets an official ham radio license with an HR or HQ call sign(provided you count with Honduran Residency and 5 years of having it although this will change for the better in the few coming months), however temporary permits i.e. contesting, DXpeditions or call signs such as the ones issued for special event stations may take as little as 1 to 2 weeks and can be processed through our club's secretary, please apply your best judgment on this matter depending of your specific needs and plans of operation in our country.




  • A letter explaining your amateur radio intentions in Honduras (in Spanish if possible).

  • Passport information and copy with personal data and Honduran visa if applicable.

  • Copy of ham radio license extended by the FCC or your national regulatory agency.

  • Copy of ham radio licenses received in other countries (if available).

  • Physical address where you will be staying in Honduras.

  • Length of stay with itinerary of arrival and departure dates.

  • A written manifest of all ham radio equipment, bands and modes you are going to operate (in Spanish if possible).

  • Please specify if you need a special call sign (i.e. Contest, DXpeditions or special event activations).

  • Personal references that can vouch for you in Honduras with addresses and phone numbers.


Send the previous information at least 30 days before via email to our hard working Club Secretary, David HR2DDL, so we can channel your request to Conatel.

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